Saturday, 24 November 2007

Guardian uber-blogger speaks out

This post from Kevin Anderson deserves careful attention:

As we said in our previous comment, newspaper journalists in developed countries (it needs to be said that newspaper readership is increasing in developing countries) should not blame the internet alone for what has been an ongoing trend in circulation declines.

Saturday, 3 November 2007

The changing face of journalism

Neil McIntosh from The Guardian has a post about the need for the UK's National Union of Journalists to change as the world changes. The full article is worth reading - but does he get it right?

OK. As threatened yesterday, here are some suggestions on how the NUJ could get more clued-up about what’s happening in its industry. Do leave your ideas in the comments.

1. Fix your print and online publications

Irony of ironies, but your publications suck. Sorry, but is a shambles - why can’t I see who runs the union without logging in? Why is the rulebook only a PDF? What is an ADM, why does it matter, and why don’t you explain anything? Why can’t I apply for a press card online? In print, let’s not discuss your newsletters. And Adrian Monck is right - The Journalist is the worst periodical ever published.