Saturday, 3 November 2007

The changing face of journalism

Neil McIntosh from The Guardian has a post about the need for the UK's National Union of Journalists to change as the world changes. The full article is worth reading - but does he get it right?

OK. As threatened yesterday, here are some suggestions on how the NUJ could get more clued-up about what’s happening in its industry. Do leave your ideas in the comments.

1. Fix your print and online publications

Irony of ironies, but your publications suck. Sorry, but is a shambles - why can’t I see who runs the union without logging in? Why is the rulebook only a PDF? What is an ADM, why does it matter, and why don’t you explain anything? Why can’t I apply for a press card online? In print, let’s not discuss your newsletters. And Adrian Monck is right - The Journalist is the worst periodical ever published.

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elblondio said...

First post excitement! I couldn't agree more with Neil about the NUJ's magazine... although it would be hypocritical to complain too much - just look at our university's magazine Massive.